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Well, damn...

The sountrack for Flicka is really good. This annoys me because it only gives me another excuse to see this movie and bawl all over the place. Although, that was probably inevitable anyway.

In other news, I'm really enjoying some of the new shows on TV. Heroes is turning out to be better than I expected, and I actually like Studio 60 even though the ratings keep slipping for that one. The biggest surprise so far? The show that I'm absolutely in love with is Men In Trees. It'll probably end up getting canceled because it's cute and light and there's no big mystery or edgy politics, but those are the things that make it a perfect Friday night show!

Why I am so dysfunctional...

Maybe that subject line should be a question. Why am I so dysfunctional? Because, well, I sort of am. Case in point--I'm always signing up to do things I don't want to do. I actually VOLUNTEER to do things that will inevitably leave me an anxiety-ridden mess.

Tonight, I have to go down to Manhattan Housing Court to volunteer my legal services helping pro se litigants. Several months ago, when I signed up for this gig, I thought "Hey, I'll be getting some good experience in landlord-tenant law, it'll look good on my resume, and it's free CLE credits for 12 hours of volunteer work." Except, I don't know a damn thing about landlord-tenant law! Even after 6 hours of training I don't know a damn thing. And you want me to give legal advice? Won't the poor litigant get worried when he asks me a question and I say "Hold on a minute while I look that up in my little book"?

Really, this confirms my suspicion that law should always be practiced from a distance so that your client cannot actually see the fear on your face when you realize you have no idea what to tell him. I need a few hours of research and outlining my findings before I can answer these questions.

People, this is why I'm not a real lawyer. This is why no one would hire me back when I wanted to be a real lawyer. They knew!

So, in about half an hour I'm off for what will probably be the two longest hours of my life. I'm hoping that no one shows up looking for advice. At least then I can go over my materials in preparation for the next session of "volunteering." Or maybe I'll get someone who just wants me to look over some paperwork and doesn't need any real "advice." That I can do, 'cause all of those court forms are basically an exercise in the comprehension of multi-clause sentences sprinkled with a bit of legalese. And if there's one thing in the legal arena I'm actually good at, it's understanding legalese.

I really don't wanna do this.

Yes, I am still among the living.

alice_junkie has given me a "nudge," and that's as good an excuse as any to start updating this journal again. I've been feeling a need to write some random musings lately, and they just won't fit on my (also neglected) knitting blog. So, here we are.

What's going on with me? Well, I'm still working as a "contract attorney," which is a fancy way of saying I'm a temp with a professional degree. The weird thing is, I'm kind of happy where I am. My boyfriend and parents keep urging me to get a "real job", but looking at all of the "real" lawyers makes me not want one. These are some seriously miserable people. They work about 70-90 hours a week, are constantly stressed out, and as far as I can tell they can't take a vacation without being glued to their cell phone and Blackberry. Sure, they get paid more than I do, but I make enough to pay my student loans, my rent and my utilities, plus my wardrobe is loads nicer than it was when I was in school. I don't have a fancy car or a house, but I'm not all that interested in a fancy car and most people in the NYC metro area that are my age don't have a house. I've tried to explain to the boyfriend that I don't have any burning desire to have a career, but he can't seem to understand that. Maybe it's that I don't have a desire to have the career I've managed to set myself up for. It's not that I want to lay around all day watching daytime TV. I'm just not a get up, go to the office, make money for someone else kind of person. I'm very productive when it's something I want to do and when I can do it at whatever hour, wearing whatever I want, without someone standing over me telling me precisely how I should do it. This is why, originally, I wanted to be a filmmaker. I just want my independence. I want to be able to take a vacation whenever I feel like it, which I can do in my current situation. And, one day, I'd like to have children and be able to stay at home with them for a little while at least.

Mostly, I'm just a big believer that things work out in the end and you shouldn't push too hard for something unless you're sure that's what you want.

So, where does that leave me? I'm still thinking about it.

Hurricane Katrina Disaster Relief

I've made a post about Hurricane Katrina at my knitting blog, The Rogue Knitter. It contains a link to places where you can donate. Also, if you donate and you're not a knitter, let me know. The incentive gift will still apply, but I'll send you something more appropriate. ;)

What's up with Wednesdays?

I always feel just a bit philosophical on Wednesdays, for some reason. Maybe it's because it's the middle of the week--a time to reflect on where you've been and where you're headed. Perhaps it's something to do with the day's traditional association with Odin, Norse god of wisdom. Or maybe it's just that the new comics come out and I get to make my weekly walk through the craziness that is Times Square.

In any case, there are a few things that occurred to me today on my weekly sojourn.

First, on the topic of umbrellas, I think that one should have to take a written examination on the proper use of umbrellas before being allowed to weild them on city streets. Repeat after me: "I am sharing the sidewalk with my fellow pedestrians. I shall not carry a golf umbrella when not actually golfing. When my umbrella is fully extended, I will make sure that the little metal end bits do not poke, prod, snag, or otherwise interfere with passersby. When not in use, I will tuck the umbrella away securely, preferably in a bag, but if such bag is unavailable, I will nevertheless refrain from swinging the umbrella to and fro, nor will I use it as a walking stick or carry it slung over my shoulder so as to endanger others in the event that I make an abrupt about-face. When utilizing public transportation I will not place a wet umbrella on the seat next to me. Furthermore, if said public transportation is so crowded as to be standing room only (SRO), I will do everything in my power to avoid dripping on my fellow passengers. Finally, I pledge not to entrust self-extending umbrellas to small children."

Second, this afternoon I passed a newsstand (well, I passed several, but I happened to look at this one) and noticed the headline "London fears bombings were suicide," or something to that effect. It occurred to me--why all the fuss about suicide bombers? Does it make the bombing somehow more tragic that people blew themselves up than it would be if they just set the bombs and ran off? I suppose you could argue that it's harder to prevent suicide bombings, but I'm not sure how true that is. It seems to me that it would be just as difficult to foil a non-suicide bombing plot once it had gotten to the point where the bombs were actually being placed. Surely suicide bombers must make the same preparations as any other terrorist--they have to scout out the target area, purchase supplies, and make the bombs, for example. It's in the preparation stages that terrorist plots are most likely to be thwarted, so what difference does it make whether the plan is suicide or not? Either way, people are hurt and killed, property is destroyed, and fear instilled. The level of tragedy doesn't change.

I've figured it out...

Wednesday, on my weekly lunchtime trip to the comics store, I had a revelation that hit me with the force of a thousand Supermen. Or maybe just one Superman, but I digress.

I think I've figured out why tourists always think New Yorkers are rude. Really, New Yorkers are nice people most of the time. Sure, there's the occasional nasty person, but no more than you'd get in any other city. Here's my big revelation...are you ready?

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Some sad news...

I just found out that one of my best friends from high school has chronic leukemia, and unfortunately is not a match for anyone in the bone marrow donor database. It's really strange to know that someone my age has a deadly illness, especially since she was always very healthy back in school. It's not the sort of news I was expecting to get today. There's going to be a bone marrow registration event near my hometown on Thursday, but I won't be able to go. Maybe I'll see what I have to do to get registered up here. I feel so helpless, mostly because I haven't spoken to this girl in like 7 years, but I'd like to do something for her.

What a weird Monday.

If anyone lives in the South Jersey/Philadelphia area and is interested in bone marrow registration, let me know and I can give you some contact info.


Happy Belated Birthday to devildoll!

Well, I did wish you happy birthday yesterday, but I wasn't able to finish the promised icon until now. So, here it is! Feel free to use it or not, but know it was made in your honor.

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